• review rating 5  Further to a consultation with Dan, his knowledge in the subject matter shown through. As a result I’ve pre booked sessions to help with my post workout training DOMS.

    thumb Harry Pandia
  • review rating 5  Dan is a very thorough and professional sports therapist. He really takes the time to look into the causes of issues and will explore a variety of ways to deal with them. He is extremely knowledgeable and works hard to find a solution. He has a friendly, personable approach and I always feel at ease when having a treatment.

    thumb Amanda Cooper
  • review rating 5  Delighted to have found Dan Jacobs who has managed to solve a 20 year old historic back problem for me. This also led him to sort out my stiff neck which I had sadly accepted to be a permanent fixture. He is now in the process of sorting out yet another historical problem on my knee which I assumed was destined for a knee operation. The exercises Dan has given me have been very beneficial and I have also been very impressed that throughout my treatment he has liaised with my personal trainer to discuss my issues with him. Thank you Dan!

    thumb Debbie Stupples
  • review rating 5  Dan was highly recommended to me and he didn't disappoint. Personable, knowledgeable and professional, the best.

    thumb Barbara Scaglione
  • review rating 5  Getting treatment from Dan has been excellent due to his wealth of knowledge and provision of a clearly structured programme that allows you to make the most of the treatment he provides!

    thumb Max Watkins

“I went to see Dan after I had been suffering with a painful lower back for a number of years. I went to various practitioners and couldn’t get the improvement I desired. He quickly diagnosed my specific/unique injury and treated accordingly with tremendous knowledge and passion. I have been continuing to see him to strengthen my back with great success and I haven’t experienced the same level of discomfort for a very long time. I would recommend Dan to anyone, very professional, a great man and great practitioner.” – Patrick L

“Having defeated diabetes and being right in the middle of a swimming regime to get fit again, I was devastated to sustain a back injury which immediately halted my progress. I have had similar episodes before and the road back took months. Daniel, through his expertise and understanding of my injury, has shortened my recovery to a matter of days not months. It’s truly impressive.I’m trying not too go too ‘ overboard’ here but I can honestly say that I’ve never received better treatment from someone as professional, knowledgeable and personable as Daniel. Thank you, I’m off for a swim!” – Simon C

“Dan helped me sort out some severe achilles and calve pains, caused by frequent walking. The treatment was painful but highly effective, and after walking in like an old lady with arthritis, I flew out of of the door like a spring chicken on steroids. I have already recommended Dan to various of my walking friends, and will continue to do so. Thanks Dan, for helping me reach my target of walking 2,017 miles in 2017. I did it (yaay!) and I’m pretty sure that without your treatment I wouldn’t have been able to. Highly recommended.” – Inge D

“I approached Dan with a long-standing shoulder issue, stemming from years of surfing. I’d tried with some success to stretch, mobilise and strengthen the shoulder myself but couldn’t completely resolve the issue, which was affecting both my surfing and training sessions in the gym. The results from working with Dan have been impressive. After just 3 intensive sessions of massage and mobilisation, my shoulder feels the best it has in 2 plus years – ranges of motion that previously gave me pain are now pain free. With Dan’s advice I also have a strategy of self-care going forward to ensure the problem doesn’t flare up again. Dan certainly knows his stuff. His passion and knowledge for human movement and performance shine through. As a bonus he’s also a great communicator and an all-round nice guy. Highly recommended. Go seek him out.” – Paul C

“Dan is a really talented Sports Therapist and Strength & Conditioning Coach. He takes time to consider any sports injury and the ongoing remedy and any possible implications. His expertise can also prevent reoccurrence. I have no hesitation in recommending Dan as an expert in his field to my friends and family.”– Steve R

“I went to see Dan with a painful lower back, worried that it would prevent me from exercising. He quickly diagnosed the issue and the underlying cause, and over a number of months I have been working with him to strength my back and avoid a recurrence of the problem. His calm and positive approach, together with his skills and practicality have given me confidence and reassurance, allowing me to improve my general strength, flexibility and fitness.” – Mark S

“I have recently undergone a treatment plan with Dan. I used to play a lot of sport and over the years had got used to various aches and pains. These restricted my ability to run and to throw. I did not realise that they were treatable. I just needed some deep tissue massage and joint manipulation, combined with stretching exercises, and my mobility was transformed. Dan expertly tackled the problem areas in my back and shoulders and before I knew it, I was re-vitalised. No excuses now. Back to working-out. Thank-you Daniel… you are a star.” – Andy P-J

“I came to see Dan after starting to experience knee pain following my first paratriathlon. Prior to this I had suffered extensive nerve and muscle damage to my leg as a result of a car accident 20 years ago and I was therefore keen to ensure that I did not damage it further. Dan helped me initially with alleviating the pain and then worked with me to strengthen and stretch the muscles affected to ensure that my leg continues to be strong enough to withstand the training I am undertaking. I was very impressed with the thoroughness with which Dan undertook my case and my leg is continuing to strengthen and improve even after being discharged through the regular maintenance exercises he devised” – Jenny R

“I came to see Dan after developing Tennis Elbow in my right arm. It had become painful to complete simple everyday tasks such as using a computer mouse and opening lids on jars. From the start Dan clearly explained the cause of the problem and how the path to recovery involved a combination of physiotherapy and strengthening exercises that I was to work on at home. Over six weekly sessions Dan massaged and manipulated my arm and taught me the stretching and strengthening exercises I was to work on myself. During the sessions he also dealt with a lingering problem with my neck. I was delighted at how rapid and dramatic the improvement was. Dan’s calm, caring and professional manner inspired confidence and it was a pleasure to work with him. Dan is a skilled clinician who is clearly passionate about getting people back to full fitness again” – Nick J