New Year, New You

With January comes the chance to start afresh and millions of people worldwide resolve to change something in their lives for the better. Whether it be fitness or a hobby, millions of people embark on the road of self-help each year and it is of no surprise that a recent poll in the Evening Standard outlined eating better and exercising more as the top two resolutions for 2018.

The saying ‘New Year, New You’ gets thrown about haphazardly in the first couple of months of each year. What many do not realise is dieting and exercise is not just a ‘quick fix’ but rather a whole new lifestyle. Regardless of your motivations – be it a ‘summer body’ for your annual holiday or to fit in to those clothes for that special occasion – the ‘New You’ aspect is exactly that; a stronger and healthier version of your previous self, be it physically or mentally.

Shortly in to the beginning of each New Year, we often see clients who are trying to better themselves and find their motivation(s). There is a lot to be said for a balanced work-life style and our fast paced cities can often disrupt this and take its toll. There is an endless list of exercises and equipment readily available 24/7 but finding the time to use these can be difficult – or at least that is what we tell ourselves. The truth is, each and every one of us has the time and capacity to exercise and eat well regularly without making many, if any, sacrifices.

New Year New You

As briefly stated above, the ‘New Year, New You’ is actually a fundamental change to your lifestyle and has to be conquered on a mental level before attempting the physical. We need to prepare our minds and change our way of thinking; we need to believe that we can achieve and set realistic and obtainable goals whilst putting systems and plans in place to give our bodies and minds the support they need to conquer our ever changing daily demands and needs.

Through innovative coaching techniques, we support our clients and develop systems and plans to obtain a healthy and maintainable lifestyle. The key to this is to create a plan tailored specifically to you and your needs which can include sports therapy, massages and strength and conditioning training. We deliver this on a one-to-one basis and can help reduce the strain and hardship on your body as you make those ‘New Year, New You’ changes.

Whatever your resolutions and motivations this year, remember that you are in control and can make the necessary changes, leading to a healthier, happier and fuller lifestyle, where you can reach your potential. Hard work forever pays but remember to take regular rests and allow your body to recover in between exercise routines. The ‘New Year, New You’ lifestyle is as much about being social as it is being active so book plenty of time in with family and friends and do not let the aches and pains hold you back.

Never give up!